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Community Service Awards

MIHS Community Service Time Sheet Instructions

Community Service Time Sheets are accepted during a student’s Junior & Senior year only.

Please submit Community Service Time Sheets via email to Sunnie Rosales at:

  • You must provide documentation [such as a certificate, letter or e-mail] from a supervisor that verifies your community service hours.
    • Please scan the document[s] and attach to your time sheet before submitting.
  • Credit can only be given for hours that are verifiable through the required documentation.  Credit cannot be given for “donations” but must be actual hours served.
  • It is not considered community service if you receive financial compensation or high school credit on your transcript.
  • Link Crew leaders can submit 25 hours of service per year.
  • Please submit service hours only when you reach an award level.  Maximum of three submissions per student.
    • 90 hours = Bronze Award Level
    • 135 hours = Silver Award Level
    • 195+ hours = Gold Award Level
  • Due to the impact of the pandemic, these award levels have been adjusted to account for the fact that volunteer opportunities have been limited.
  • Hours are cumulative throughout your high school career beginning the first day of 9th grade.
  • Seniors will be given a pin to wear at the graduation ceremony if timesheets and required documentation are submitted before April 30th.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of all the Time Sheets you submit!
  • In addition to submitting the Community Service Time Sheet you should be sure to keep a record of your community service in a spreadsheet on your personal computer.  You will be able to refer back to your records to be sure you have submitted all of your hours and have not duplicated any entries.


CLick here for the MIHS Service Time Sheet