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Physical Education and Health Education Courses

A minimum of 1.50 credits of Physical Education are needed for graduation.
In order to meet your Physical Education graduation requirement, you must complete at least one
semester in a regular physical education class at Mercer Island High School.
The Physical Education courses at MIHS are designed to give students the opportunity to participate in a variety
of enjoyable physical activities in order to improve physical awareness and fitness and to strengthen personal
and athletic performance goals. All courses in Physical Education are co-educational.
For PE classes, each student is required to comply with the Dress Code and to participate every class day.
Dress Code for Physical Education Classes:
• Each student is required to dress in shorts, shirt, sweat socks, and athletic shoes appropriate for the activity
and playing surface.
• Sweat pants and sweat shirts are recommended for outdoor activities.
• Shorts, shirts, and sweat pants worn for PE class are not to be worn to other classes.
• Jewelry and watches may not be worn during PE class.
Grading in Physical Education Classes:
Students will be graded on the quality of effort and safety practices they demonstrate in Physical Education
classes. Grades are based on effort, attitude, sportsmanship, cooperation, attention, and preparedness. Daily
participation grades are assigned, and students also will be graded on tests, quizzes, written work, and
demonstrated skill level.