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  • College Credit
  • Credit=0.5 (1 Semester)


Pre-Requisite: None

Course Description:  This course introduces students to designing and building projects in three dimensions. Learn how to design an idea on the computer in 3D, then translate it into reality with a 3D printer. As a project-oriented course, the emphasis is on completing projects that demonstrate creativity and skill. The skills learned can be applied to fields such as engineering, architecture, and art.

Work Load:  All work in this class will be done through in-class projects. Although you will occasionally work with others in group settings, your workload will be light.

Why would you be interested in the Class:  Upon passing this class along with Engineering Tech 2, students can receive college credit. Additionally, this course is a good choice for students interested in engineering fields or in 3D models such as art, architecture, video games, graphic designers, and animators.

College Credit: Bellevue College - Engineering Graphics - ENGR& 114 - 4 credits

  • CCR