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  • Credit=0.5 (1 Semester)


Pre-Requisite:  None

Course Description:  The goal of this course is to teach students the culinary & hospitality industry standards around safety, sanitation, equipment, knife skills, food preparation & presentation, baking, and various cooking methods. Students will enhance their culinary knowledge by exploring multiple flavors (sweet and savory), fresh ingredients, and gourmet techniques. Food Handler's cards will be required to ensure safety & sanitation. It will be crucial to work as part of a productive kitchen team. Additionally, students will hear from industry guest speakers and explore culinary careers.

Work Load:  Group work, lab work, in-class participation & attendance are crucial.

Why would you be interested in the Class:   Students who are passionate about a career in the culinary, hospitality, or tourism industries. Also students who want to be able to feed themselves nutritious gourmet food.

Fees: $10 Food Handler’s Card

  • CCR