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  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit=1 (2 Semesters)

Title:  FAV831&FAV832--AP STUDIO ART 2D

Pre-Requisite:  A student should have successfully completed two fine arts courses.

Course Description:  This course is designed for students who have demonstrated a strong interest in design. Students will complete and submit an AP 2-D Art and Design portfolio that meets the AP Art and Design Portfolio Submission requirements. The AP Portfolio will be developed with direct teacher instruction. Students complete two portfolio sections: Sustained Investigation and Selected Work Quality. Developing one's own voice is part of this course. Mastery of concepts, composition, execution, a variety of art mediums, mixed media, and themes, concepts, subject matter, and content are expected.

Work Load:  The work is all project-based and personal, with a few group projects possible. Students will understand that creating and developing art requires personal decision-making, risk-taking, experimenting, and research. Sketchbooks will be used to document this process.

Why would you be interested in the Class:  A student who is interested in furthering their art journey should consider this class. While following a topic throughout the year, they can continue honing their skills in one area while experimenting in others. Become a better artist and designer with this class!

Sophomores are accepted upon referral from teacher and viewing of the students portfolio of work. There is a Fee for the AP portfolio submission approximately $135.

  • CCR
  • Fine Arts - Visual