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  • College Credit
  • Credit=0.5 (1 Semester)
  • Dual Credit


Pre-Requisite: None

Course Description:  No camera or experience is necessary! The course teaches students how to use a digital camera, utilize Adobe® Lightroom/Photoshop techniques, master digital workflow, maintain an online portfolio, critique images, print and display their work, and learn photography industry standards. Every project incorporates 21st century skills that will help students succeed after high school. The course covers depth of field, shutter speed, composition, perspective, bokeh, studio lighting, still life, and a personal portfolio. A variety of Photoshop® tools will also be used along with specific Photoshop® techniques.

Work Load:  The class is all project based. There is ample time to finish work in class with minimal homework. As the semester goes on there will be opportunities to take photos outside of the school day.

Why would you be interested in the Class:  In this class, students will learn how to express what they see and how they see the world through a lens rather than through their hands in an art class. Students who are interested in learning design and photography basics along with a little Photoshop should take this course.

College Credit: Bellevue College - Digital 2D - DMA 103 - 5 credits

  • CCR
  • Fine Arts - Visual