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  • 11th
  • 12th
  • Credit=1 (2 Semesters)


Pre-Requisite:  Students must be enrolled in one corresponding, discipline-related Mercer Island Fine Art class if offered, or on teacher approval. (Example: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Dance, Piano etc.).

Course Description:    This upper-level course is designed to support a Junior or Senior performing arts student who wishes to explore their performance, develop a portfolio and/or audition material for future Performing Arts ambitions such as college or conservatory participation. Or, to explore the business and career pathways available in the arts. While pursuing a concentration in their medium, students will be challenged to expand their creative ideas as well as their technical potential. The culminating outcomes of this class could include (depending on student goals,) a comprehensive portfolio, a partial or full musical recital, preparation of college-level audition/scholarship requirements, a comprehensive understanding of upper-level idiom technical skills, and mentorship or internship.

Work Load:  Outside exploration and integration in a student’s art field of focus is highly encouraged and can be used to satisfy project-based elements of the course requirements. Outside explorations include but are not limited to Private Lessons, Arts Internships, Drama productions etc. Dedicated practice or exploration time, in line with course goals, will be provided in class.

Why would you be interested in the Class: Students interested in this class have reached a level of proficiency in their artistic medium that has put them in a position to explore opportunities to perform after high school. While many students with experience in wind instruments, string instruments, voice and piano will use this class to develop an audition or Fine Arts Supplement, students with experience in nontraditional mediums and well as nonwestern instruments or art forms are encouraged to consider the class.

  • Fine Arts - Performing