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Pre-Requisite:  FAP 910 & FAP 911 "Intro to Music Technology and Business"

Course Description:  Students learn about digital music creation, live sound reinforcement, and recording arts in this course. They will learn about mixing, audio processors, audio effects, and recording techniques as they explore career options in audio engineering and music production. Students create projects that mimic real-world applications using microphones, mixing boards, and digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro X. MIHS concerts, personal recordings, and recording musical works in a studio environment will be among the projects. Projects will be driven by students' specific interests.

Work Load:  Group/Individual projects (mostly making music)
Ample in-class work time

Why would you be interested in the Class:  “Advanced Music Tech” is highly tailored to the individual interests of each student with lots of room for exploration and creativity. For students who are ready to dive deeper into the concepts covered in Music Technology. "Advanced Music Tech" is a hands-on learning class ideal for anyone interested in music who likes to learn by doing!

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