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  • 9th
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  • Credit=0.5 (1 Semester)


Pre-Requisite:   None

Course Description:    Dance Choreography and Production is designed to enhance student development as creative dancers and choreographers. A full-fledged performance will be produced by students through activities that develop technical skills of dance, performance skills, rhythm, tempo, knowledge of choreography, and the creation of choreography. To build trust, confidence, and self-esteem, students will be encouraged to listen to and support the efforts of others. Day-to-day progression for the individual student and ensemble group work is included in class work. Every student should participate, practice, respect others, and say “YES! ” to creativity. Students of ALL levels are welcome.

Work Load:  All formative and summative assessments happen in class. The only homework is reviewing choreography before major assessments.

Why would you be interested in the Class:   Students who enjoy movement, music, and collaboration should enroll in this class!

  • CCR
  • Fine Arts - Performing