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Pre-Requisite:   None

Course Description:    This course is designed to give advanced music students in depth study of music theory including: pitch, intervals, rhythm, scales, modes, chorale-style analysis using Arabic and Roman numerals, melody writing and dictation, part-writing based on a given melody, and aural/visual recognition of errors in music. The scope of this course is equivalent to a college first-year Music Theory course. AP Music Theory follows the AP curriculum, preparing students for the spring exam. College credit may be awarded for qualifying AP Music Theory scores. AP course students are encouraged to take the AP examination.

Work Load:  Recommended daily practice of ear training skills.
Homework: when classwork is not finished during class time.
Exams/Quizzes: 3 of each per semester

Why would you be interested in the Class:   This course is suitable for students who would like to gain a better understanding of the basic principles of music, and who may want to study music in college. Students in this class become aware of a variety of musical elements that improve their overall musicianship. In this course, students will learn how to compose, lead music, arrange, and produce music.

Fee for AP Exams
Recommended preparation: Knowledge of treble and bass clef notes, major and minor scales, major and minor key signatures, experience singing or playing an instrument.

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