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Title:    ESP441&ESP442--AP SPANISH LANG

Pre-Requisite:  Completion of UWHS Spanish 103, Spanish 4, or equivalent

Course Description:    In AP Spanish Language, students develop their writing and conversation skills by using authentic materials. Instruction is in Spanish, following College Board guidelines. Students will understand formal and informal spoken Spanish, expand their vocabulary and grasp structure, improve their reading ability, and express ideas verbally. Materials and/or projects related to Spanish cultures will be studied. College credit may be awarded for qualifying AP Spanish Lang scores. AP course students are encouraged to take the AP examination, for which they will be prepared throughout the year.

Work Load:  3-5 hours of homework per week is typical.

Why would you be interested in the Class:   The goal and mission of the Spanish department is for students to learn skills that allow them to communicate, explore, and connect across cultures and foster attitudes of mutual understanding and respect of the Spanish-speaking world.

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