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  • 9th
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  • 11th
  • 12th
  • Credit=1 (2 Semesters)


Pre-Requisite: EMC211&EMC212-Mandarin Chinese 2

Course Description: The course assumes a basic understanding of Chinese Pinyin, character creation and evolution, and sentence structure. Language used for instructional and directional purposes, standardized messages, phrases, or expressions will be emphasized. Students will understand the main ideas and details in texts with familiar vocabulary. By connecting basic sentences, students will be able to provide information about what they read, hear, or see. Chinese culture will be taught through projects, readings, songs, and videos.

Work Load: 30 minutes of homework nightly

Why would you be interested in the Class: Take advantage of the fact that one third of the world speaks both Chinese and English! Business leaders seek employees who can speak Chinese and operate effectively in a Chinese culture. Take a positive step towards employment by learning Chinese culture and language.

  • World Language