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  • 11th
  • 12th
  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit=1 (2 Semesters)

Title:  DSC621&DSC622--AP PHYSICS 2

Pre-Requisite:  Math through Algebra 2 and two semesters of high school physics are required. Strong math skills are also essential.

Course Description:    This is a college level physics course designed for students interested in science and engineering. AP Physics 2 covers fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. This course complements AP Physics C and does not overlap topics. Problem sets and lab reports with detailed calculations are typical assignments. College credit may be awarded for qualifying AP Physics 2 scores. AP course students are encouraged to take the AP examination.

Work Load:  Students will complete problem sets, laboratory reports, and prepare for tests; students should certainly expect to spend 1 hour outside of class per hour of time in class.

Why would you be interested in the Class:  Students interested in science and engineering who are comfortable with math

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