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  • 9th
  • Credit=0.5 (1 Semester)


Pre-Requisite:  None

Course Description:    This course covers the history of Europe from the early civilizations to the Middle Ages. Students will learn how human civilization emerged in river valleys of the Fertile Crescent and Asia; how classical traditions developed, for example in Hellenic Greece and Han China; how great empires rose and fell; what world religions evolved and spread; and how medieval Europe changed. Global history, geography, and culture will be explored through case studies. Early Civilizations prepares students for Honors World History or Honors World Studies.

Work Load:  This course will employ diverse instructional methods including readings, videos, independent research, simulations, debates and discussions.

Why would you be interested in the Class:  Early Civilizations is an interactive course, designed with projects and a focus on skill-building. This course will provide students an on-ramp to high school by developing essential academic skills and be introduced to rigor without high-pressure.

  • Social Studies