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  • 11th
  • Credit=1 (2 Semesters)

Title: English 11 American Studies/American Literature (Blocked)

Code: AEN323&AEN324--AMER ST & LIT BLK

Pre-Requisite: English 9 & English 10

Course Description: The course introduces themes and ideas in American literature and history. This integrated course will cover literary, political, economic, social, and historical developments that have shaped the American character. The course incorporates themes and ideas from literature to help students understand American history. Students will read from several genres and write expository, persuasive, and narrative essays based on course readings. Students may also write short fiction and poetry. See the Social Studies section for a description of American Studies/US History.

Work Load: Students can expect individual, group, and class work involving lectures, readings, writing, presentations, projects, and practice work. There is a variety of formative and summative work too. Students should expect roughly 15-30 minutes of homework per night.

Why would you be interested in the Class: American literature fulfills the English 11 requirement. Interested students will seek to establish a dynamic and relevant relationship with the disciplines of reading and writing while developing their understanding of United States history through the diverse perspectives of American authors.

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