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College and Career Readiness Courses

A minimum of 1.00 credit of College and Career Readiness is required for graduation.
The College and Career Readiness course offerings include all those in Business, Marketing, Health and
Professional Sciences, Media and Broadcasting, Technology, Information Technology, Visual Arts and
Publications. CCR courses give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and college and career
readiness skills. The courses in College and Career Readiness expose students to training for and insight into
college and career pathways, industry certifications, practical life skills, innovative technology and design, and
team work. Each year, CCR students graduate with career goals and leadership skills to further their academic
and real world education. Regular and AP offerings are available in CCR. Full participation in an AP course
includes taking the AP examination, for which the student will be prepared throughout the year.

Note: Pacific Northwest College Credit (PNWCC) - Dual Credit formerly known as Tech Prep is awarded
to students who register for it, pay one annual fee (regardless of number of courses taken), and achieve the
minimum required course grade. The PNWCC option is explained to students in eligible courses.

Additional Career and College Readiness Information and Opportunities

Pacific Northwest College Credit (PNWCC) – CTE Dual Credit
PNWCC* is an industry and education partnership committed to providing occupational pathways for students
by preparing them for technologically advanced careers and post-secondary education. PNWCC partners include
community/technical colleges: Bellevue College, Shoreline Community College, and Lake Washington Institute
of Technology. High School students become eligible to earn PNWCC by registering, paying an annual fee
(approximately $50), and earning a qualifying grade in an eligible course. PNWCC courses offered at MIHS include:
Accounting, Biotechnology/Research and Ethics, Digital Photography, Engineering Tech 1 and Tech 2, Marketing,
Advanced Marketing, Intro to Robotics, and Materials Science.
*In this catalog, “Pacific Northwest College Credit” will be referred to as PNWCC.

WaNIC – Washington Network for Innovative Careers

Mercer Island High School is a consortium member of WaNIC, a regional skill center in Northeast King County.
WaNIC provides advanced-level Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs based on rigorous academic
and industry standards preparing students for career and college readiness. WaNIC Skill Center programs are
delivered through a system of branch campuses in participating districts. The skill center programs will provide
dual credit opportunities (both high school and college credit) and/or lead to industry certifications.

Please see your academic counselor for information about available WaNIC courses and related registration

WaNIC consortium districts include:
• Bellevue School District
• Everett School District
• Issaquah School District
• Lake Washington School District
• Mercer Island High School
• Northshore School District
• Riverview School District
• Snoqualmie Valley School District

Courses may include:
• Automotive Technology
• CISCO Networking Academy
• Culinary Arts
• Dental Careers
• DigiPen Art and Animation
• Digipen Music and Sound Design
• Digipen Video Game Programming
• Fire and EMS
• Foundations of Manufacturing
• Health Science Careers (Nursing)
• Medical Careers
• Sports Medicine